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Are you looking for a medical podcast covering every day issues in microbiology diagnostic tests, antimicrobial therapy and management of infections?


Episode 28

Published on:

15th Nov, 2022

Episode 27

Published on:

25th Oct, 2022

Episode 26

Published on:

5th Oct, 2022

Episode 25

Published on:

13th Sep, 2022

Episode 24

Published on:

23rd Aug, 2022

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Microbe Mail
Microbiology & Infectious Diseases Podcast
Are you looking for a medical podcast covering every day issues in diagnostic tests, antimicrobial therapy and management of infections that is relevant to a low or middle income setting? A show that simplifies complex concepts in an easy to follow conversational format? You've come to the right place. This is Microbe Mail - a medical podcast for the busy practitioner or student covering topics in microbiology, infectious diseases and infection control.
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About your hosts

Vindana Chibabhai

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Vin is a associate Professor in Clinical Microbiology at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa and a practising clinical microbiologist with the National Health Laboratory Service. She is passionate about microbes (of course), antimicrobial resistance, antimicrobial stewardship, diagnostics, healthcare associated infections, fungal infections, One Health...let's just say it's a very long list!

She is always looking for new ways to engage with clinicians and improve their understanding of microbiology and infections. This podcast is the perfect way to do just that!

She loves to be involved in research which will impact management of infections in lower-middle income settings. On Microbe Mail episodes, her views are her own.

Vinitha Alex

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Dr. Vinitha Alex is a Clinical Microbiologist based in Johannesburg, South Africa and a Microbiology lecturer affiliated to the University of the Witwatersrand. Her particular areas of interest are antimicrobial stewardship, diagnostic stewardship, infection prevention and control, healthcare informatics, medical training and research and development.
She is keen on taking clinical microbiology to the grass root level, making it understandable & accessible to healthcare providers, particularly in areas of low expertise/ specialist availability. She is passionate about improving guideline compliance, fighting the spread of antimicrobial resistance and creating a system that makes good health economic sense.